To get the values of the resized columns


I’m using dhtmlxgrid v 1.6

I have a question

How can we get the values for the width of the column as soon as i change the column size(Dynamically)?

i.e. as soon as i change the size of the column the width of the column should be displayed in the alert window.

Please guide me in this.

var column; var size;
    column=c; size=s;
    return true;  
    alert("Column “+column+” was resized, new size = "+size);
    return true;


Thanks for the reply.

Is it possible to get and set the modified widths of the grid through XML?

The width of column can be specified as part of grid configuration in XML … id_confxml

When grid serialized back to XML, such settings will be included in header section of XML

    var xml = grid.serialize();


i want the changed column size to be updated in the table, so that when i close the window and then if i open again i want the grid to open with the modified values. I’m unable to get the value for saving purpose. How can i get the grid work according to the above mentioned functionality?

I’m unable to get the value for saving purpose.
You can save column width to cookies and restore them after page reloading. … 7336625000