To implement Pagination, only Whole data has to be fetched?

I viewed sample file 14_loading_big_datasets\02_50000_paging.html
At there, paging function was there.


myGrid.loadXML(“php/50000_load_grid.php?un=”+Date.parse(new Date()));

at two line first line was for setting for page Unit
second is for loding whole data.

I couldn’t find the logic for loading data for only selected page.
Is there any way to get data for only selected page?(To implement pagination, is there other way except that we get huge and big size data?)

You may use the dynamic loading of data with enabled paging.
So your server will send data to the grid by portions.
Here you can find a tutorial about using the dynamic loading in dhtmlxGrid:
and here is the sample: … nload.html