To override the row height in a dhtmlx grid

How can we override the row height in a dhtmlx grid?

In my page i have two grids, one is having skin as light and other dhx_blue

When i used the following code to overide all rows of 2nd grid only…Its not working…Please help
div.gridbox_dhx_blue table.row20px tr td{
white-space: nowrap;

Please, try to use:

div.gridbox table.row20px tr td{ height: 40px; }

I want to overide the height of 2nd grid only.

Your css code changes the height of the row well for us.
If issue still occurs - please, provide a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed.

Hi ,
I am attaching sample code here. (5.05 KB)

Please, try to add your css after the adding of original css of dhtmlxGrid:


... div.gridbox_dhx_blue table.row20px tr td{ height: 50px; } div.gridbox table.obj td { height: 20px; } div.gridbox_light table.obj tr.rowselected td { height:60px; background-color:#FFC0CB; } [/code]


Thanks a lot…It worked.