Dear Sir,

you are kindly requested to tel about libcompiler why the main features of ticking componenet and then generate the lib was changed, where can i find this tool again.
thank you for your help.

please replay to this…

Here you can find a tutorial about using the libcompiler in 4.x dhtmlx:

after 10 days waiting your replay, you linked me to the tutorial!
I have already seen it, and it is not clearly explained, but I was asking about integrate all necessary items in one script file graphically as it was, and to create my own set of components, just press generate button and it is over. I hope this feature return back.


dhx4 positioned like a whole library. of course you can use individual components and custom builds.

regarding lib_compiler - there is no gui tools like it was for 3.6 but we have such plans. not sure when it will done, but for for now to create a build with a custom components set you need to edit:

just remove unnecessary compoents (do not lease blank/empty lines) and run compiler