Toggle checkbox in combo when user clicks option


I have a combo with checkboxes and would like the user to be able to click on the entire option (checkbox, and the option text) and the checkbox be toggled. Currently only clicking the checkbox will toggle it, and clicking the option text will select this option and close the combo.

I found a previous topic from 2010 that tried to do the same thing (question #2) but unfortunately the support response no longer works.
2010 topic: [url]Some questions about Combo - Combo, Tabbar, Sidebar, Menu, Toolbar, Ribbo - DHTMLX.

Is what I am trying to do still possible?


I have tried a number of other ways to get this to work but all have been unsuccessful. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately the solution from the linked post cannot be implemented to the current version of the grid.
The required behavior cannot be implemented without inner dhtmlx code modification.
If the requirement is critical for you please, open ticket at or send the request to