Tomcat/browser Configuration for a more efficient export


I’m using the DHTMLX 3.6 with Java.

I have an issue when trying to export a big amount of cells ( >30k)

In google chrome, I have this javascript error :

dhtmlXGridObject.toPDF @ VM12259 dhtmlxgrid_export.js:14
dhtmlXGridObject.toExcel @ VM12259 dhtmlxgrid_export.js:18

I also see this on my tomcat :


The first analysis leads me to receive a null grid from the request.

public void doPost( HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws IOException { String xml = req.getParameter("grid_xml"); xml = URLDecoder.decode(xml, "UTF-8");

The dhtmlxGridConnector version I use seems to be from the 14th of August 2014. Is there a more recent version for this that would fix this ?

Do you know if I have any configuration to do on the server or the web browser to increase the maximum number of cells we can export ?

It is working well when using the online version but I would prefer to use the local one for several reasons (confidentiality, no message at the bottom of the export).

Thanks a lot in advance.


Most probably you have reached the max-post-size limit. You need to increase the related config in server’s settings. … er-content