Too many (repeated) XmlHttpRequests!

I am loading a dhtmlxGrid using smart rendering.

The problem is that when I scroll down below the set of cached rows, dhtmlxGrid emits multiple XmlHttpRequests in order to load the next chunk of data. All requests are usually identical (see attached picture), they request the same chunk of data. And when they are not identical they often overlap (i.e. the grid requests rows starting from 400, 400, 400, 400, 407…).

Can I?

  1. Tell dhtmlxGrid to request the same chunk only once?
  2. Alternatively, force dhtmlxGrid to cancel previous XmlHttpRequests when it’s emitting a new one?

As a note: the component also behaves weirdly when scrolling backwards, because it always requests rows starting at the first visible item (which is being scrolled) instead of considering the smart rendering buffer size to load a chunk of optimal size.


Sorry to bump this up but our queries are heavy and we’re really trying to find out if there is something we can do to avoid repeated requests…