Too many rows can not export to excel


It has the big problem, I need to export from grid to excel. I test the records have 7 rows, it can export to excel. It has too manly rows, it can not export to excel.
please help.

thank you.

securityroles.sql and get_admin_group.php have 7 rows record.

attendance.sql and get_attendance_all.php have many rows record. (1.58 MB)

grid-excel doesn’t support big datasets.
But we have a workaround for this problem: export to html-table and return file with Excel-extension. Excel can open such file and export to html-table is very fast.
You may find grid-html-php in attachment.
You should change your export url to yourdomain/grid-html-php/generate.php (180 KB)

Could you give me the sample or sample line , How can I do.

you should place this script at server, change export url in grid.toExcel call to yourdomain/grid-html-php/generate.php.