too much recursion error

I get “too much recursion error” while using setRowHidden function. The error is always pointing to:

if (this._dload){var ind = this.rowsBuffer[0]._dhx_find(id);if (ind>=0){this._askRealRows(ind);return this.getRowById(id);};}else if(this.pagingOn){var ind = this.rowsBuffer[0]._dhx_find(id);if (ind>=0){var r = this.createRowFromXMLTag(this.rowsBuffer[1][ind]);this.rowsBuffer[1][ind] = r;return r;}else{return null;};}else if (this._slowParse)return this._seekAndDeploy(id);return null;};this.getRowByIndex = function(ind){if(this.rowsCol.length<=ind){if((this.rowsCol.length+this.rowsBuffer[0].length)<=ind)

Is there any solution to this problem? It seems you cannot hide or show rows dynamically?

This command really not work in "smart rendering mode"
This is known issue, we will try to update it in next version, but for now such functionality available in default loading mode only.