Toolbar button locations


Is it possible to have like 5 buttons added normally to a toolbar (which would make them appear starting from the left, moving right) and then have some empty space (dynamic according to toolbar width) and then have a button on the far right side of the toolbar?

Like this:

| [button_1] [button_2] [button_3] [button_4] [button_5] ------- empty space with dynamic width ------- [button_6] |

You need “spacer” item type: … pacer.html

Thanks - just what I needed.

There is one issue though - the button on the right side (after the spacer) has a right margin of 0px (or the toolbar has a right padding of 0px), which means that the button touches the browser frame.

The toolbar seems to have a 10px (or there about) margin on the left side before the first button, so why isn’t this the case on the right side as well and how do I fix this?
(I want the same margin on the right side as on the left side).

Nevermind, I found a fix

.dhxtoolbar_float_right { padding-right: 8px !important; }

Though if there is a beter way to add styles to toolbar and items, then I would like to hear about it.

The are 2 ways: css and script. Sometimes CSS quite good, sometimes - script (especially if you need some dynamic feature).
If you have now some item you need to change - just mark this item type - i will help you