Toolbar button of buttonSelect inside buttonSelect

I am wondering if it isn’t possible to have a list option inside another list. Something like this:

But I doesn’t work for me. Can you please tell me why? And what to do instead? A menu?

Thanks and kind regards

Yes, there is no such options in toolbar - you can use nested menu instes it.

Hi Darya,
that’s a quick response :slight_smile:
Is there a sample for that?


I mean, I’ve got a toolbar with different functions already. And the task is now to insert the nested functions into one left item. I cannot change the whole toolbar to a menu. But could I open a menu when clicking the toolbar item? Will this fit?

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I.e. this sample: … ading.html
You can use simple menu and every its item 1th level can have many items of next levels

Thank you so far, I’ll give it a try.

You are welcome!