Toolbar "buttonSelect" clips text on right

I have some buttonSelect controls added to a toolbar like this:

ruleButtonBar2.addButtonSelect('addCondition', 3, "Add Condition", '', null, null, null, true);

If the “text” that is added to the button is “wide”, it is truncated by the browser (see screen shot).

How can I control positioning such that text is on screen?

If you use the PRO Edition and you have active support subscribtion, please create a ticket in the online support system.


dhtmlxtoolbar.js, line ~1870:

if (that.rlt) { ... } else { = getAbsoluteLeft(self.obj)+that.selectPolygonOffsetLeft+"px"; }

change to:

if (that.rlt) { ... } else { var x1 = document.body.scrollLeft; var x2 = x1+(window.innerWidth||document.body.clientWidth); var newLeft = getAbsoluteLeft(self.obj)+that.selectPolygonOffsetLeft; if (newLeft+self.polygon.offsetWidth > x2) newLeft = getAbsoluteLeft(self.arw)+self.arw.offsetWidth-self.polygon.offsetWidth; = newLeft+"px"; }

We do have a licensed PRO edition… but thank you your suggested patch works great. :smiley: