Toolbar ButtonSelect open above?

Is it possible to have the ButtonSelect in the toolbar open above the toolbar? I have a toolbar attached to the bottom of a grid which fills the screen, but when you click on the buttonselect to choose a page for the grid, the div goes off the screen so you can’t actually select something. I was looking to see if there was a setting in the documentation but didn’t see one.

Anyone have any idea how this could be done?



download last version of toolbar from our site, it have logic to determine visible area.

If I am a professional user, how can I get the most recent version? Is there somewhere within the ticket system where I can always check for the most recent version? We are currently using version 3.0 Professional edition build 110713, and we still have this same problem with the toolbar opening down when near the bottom of the page, extending past the visible portion of the page.


build 110713 is the latest official version. We have reproduced the problem with select opening and fixed it. Please try to use attached library. If the problem is not solved, please attach the complete demo (15.8 KB)

The version in the attached file works, but the compiled professional edition dhtmlx.js file that I have does not, and the one I have is build 110713. Did you test with the full compiled library? For now I can just include this additional file into my code, but I would love to go back to just one js file to load.

You may generate the new dhtmlx.js using libComplier that is in dhtmlxSuite package: … ibcompiler

You need to put the new dhtmlxtoolbar.js into dhtmlxToolbar/sources/ folder before create new compiled library.