Toolbar calendar input?

I need a dhtmlx calendar object to be attached to an input on the toolbar. Is there a way to retrieve the input object so I can attach the calendar to it?

I’ve attached the ready sample (47.7 KB)

working great 10x :slight_smile:

Just my opinion, but It’d be great if this were included in the documentation (which is a little light in my opinion). This coming from a user that purchases a license…

This helped me out too. It would be nice to have this in the samples directory under toolbar.

Is there a way to add a button on the toolbar which opens the calendar and returns the date to the input field?

chaos83666 & bmcgin
Here is a online sample with this integration: … endar.html

Your approach in the attachment.
12.10.25.rar (173 KB)

Opening the calendar in a window worked. Thanks for helping.

You are welcome!