Toolbar getting overlapped in IE 8 ONLY


I have a problem only in IE 8 Toolbar button on the Toolbar gets overlapped when i take mouse the over the button. this problem is only happening in the IE 8. you can help me and tell me what is exact problem.

please code and i have attached the xml file

myToolbar = myLayout.cells(“a”).attachToolbar();
myToolbar.loadXML(“xml/toolbar_202.xml?etc=”+new Date().getTime(),function(){


//XML Code for toolbar_202.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Please check the screen shot of the toolbar overlapping with other other button.

First screenshot before overlap

Second screenshot after toolbar getting overlap when i take the mouse over it

and i have attached i have attached the js which i am using.

please let me know let me know whether we need to call common.js file separately which is present in the toolbar folder

Thank you,
Arun (415 KB)