Toolbar hides after postback (includes Tabbar also)


I am currently having an issue in Google Chrome only. On a postback of my page, the DHTMLx components act strangely. I have a top level tab bar and within a tab on that bar I have another tab bar. Within that second tab bar there is a tab that’s causing issues. On that tab there is an HTML table that includes a toolbar and grid elements. I use the grid to popup a DHTMLx window. After the user edits grid elements from within that window, it does a postback which causes the parent tab to hide some of the table and push the grid to the top of the page. You can see in the attachments that the toolbar still exists - it’s just way up on the page behind other elements. Same with the missing dropdown. Have you guys heard of anything like this or have any idea what’s going on? Again this appears to only happen in Google Chrome - I haven’t been able to replicate it in Internet Explorer 9 yet. Thanks for any help you can give.

Attached are screenshots of the page in question. Here’s a picture of the page normally:

Here’s a picture of the page after postback:

Finally, here’s a picture of the CSS for the toolbar after it’s hidden if that helps at all:

Additional details:

We use an overall 2 column DHTMLx layout. All of these elements talked about above exist in the 2nd column. It appears when postback occurs, the page which contains the toolbar and grid is loaded with the elements placed according to the 2nd column’s given total area rather than within the 2nd tab bar’s slightly smaller given area.

Could you provide a direct link to this project or completed demo on with a link to this topic to test the issue? … leted_demo


Because of the size of the project there’s no way to extract all of the relating code into a sample project for testing in a timely manner. I can provide explanations, code snippets, and screen shots but that’s about it.

I noticed that this occurs when there’s a modal window involved. The background windows and components become darker and when the modal window is saved, elements get positioned in relation to the layout rather than their tab bar window. It occurs in a different part of the system as well in relation to DHTMLx tab bar and layout.

You can just include tabbar, toolbar and window. They can be almost empty, just the capsule to reproduce the issue.
May you have a direct link?

i can confirm this behavior. From time to time, also not always, toolbar and Grid within the Tabbar vanishes after opening a modal Window. i my case the Viewport of the window is attached to the tab. After F5 refresh all is on place again.

This happens in IE8 and also in FF.

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Hello, UJanke
May be YOU can provide us demo or at least an image of this issue?

Hi Darya,
i have send a ticket adressed to you.

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We have got your ticket - wait for answer, please.

seems there is a problem with attachViewportTo.

If i dont attachViewportTo(obj) then all is ok.

there are several Windows. They was attached to different Viewports. Depends on selected tab.
After changing to enableAutoViewport(true) all goes well.

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Uwe Janke

We are happy what you’ve found the solution.