Toolbar in "select" mode

Is it possible to create a toolbar which operates in “select” mode when initializing from script?

You have an example with an xml init: … _mode.html

How can this be done in script?

var opts = [
                 ['id1', 'obj', 'option1', 'a.png'],
                 ['id2', 'obj', 'option2', 'b.png']

toolbar.addButtonSelect("theId", 30,	"----test---", opts, "aa.png", "bb.png", false, true)

Please help…

Question 2:

Is it possible to init the toolbar via the “Object API” and attach to a layout?

It would be nice to init the tool bar via the api: … i_ext.html

while attaching to a layout, something like:

var toolbar = main_layout.attachToolbar(	{
                type: "button",
                id: "open",
                img: "open.gif"
  1. … onselect&s[]=renderSelect
    The 7th parameter_ renderSelect
  2. Yes, it is possible this way:

toolbarData = { ... }; dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("parentId", "3T"); toolbar = dhxLayout.cells("a").attachToolbar(toolbarData);

I am unable to render the toolbar in select mode using the 7th parameter:

 cellMainToolbar.addButtonSelect("view", 3, "View", [["tiles","obj","Tiles","orientation_landscape.png"],["list","obj","List","text_list_numbers.png"]], "eyeglasses.png", "branch.png", true, true);

As in the example, … _mode.html
I need for the button to show the selected option without needing to expand the options.

Is this a bug? When I render the toolbar using xml (exactly as the demo) it works. Trying to use the constructor, I am unable to make it work.

Here is a working sample for you.
13.02.19.rar (309 KB)

It looks like addButtonSelect now accepts “mode”:

This is exactly what I needed. And it is working well.