Toolbar issue with big datasets

Hi everyone,

I currently use DhtmlxGrid with DhtmlxToolbar for paging.

When I populate my grid, I retrieve 20 results per page, the XML is good.

My issue is that the total count is about 800 000 entries, and my browser freezes when I load the page…

If I reduce the number of entries it is far better, but I can’t only display a part of the results.

I found that the toolbar generates many many div like this one (as many as pages of results) :

Page 8292

The generation of these blocks freezes my browser (100% CPU load on a core).

My questions are the following :

- is this a known bug ?

- is there a workaround ?

- why do you generate a div for each page at the loading, instead of generating it on the fly ?

Thanks in advance.


20 rows per page and 800 000 rows totally mean that you try to render 40 000 options in toolbar at once. Toolbar isn’t designed to show a lot of options. So, try to use another skin to solve performance issue - bkins for example: … _skin.html