Toolbar paging in dhtmlx version 2

Hi Team,

I just update my grid to dhtmlxGrid_v20_pro_81009. Is the toolbar paging still available in this version?

because i can’t use below syntax anymore :

grid.setPagingSkin(“toolbar”) ;

Is there a replacement syntax or the feature is not available anymore?

Thanks in advance.


The feature is available and works in same way, but it require updated toolbar as well.
Working sample sent by email


I am facing issues using paging in dhtmlxGrid.

I wanted to achieve the functionality shown in the features list: … output.gif

I have looked into all samples provided for grid and I tried them. I was able to achieve functionality whatever is shown in the Samples.

If you can send me a working sample with all these pagination features, that will be very helpful.
email: getprashanth[at]gmail[dot]com

Pro package contains sample of mentioned functionalit, you can check it at