Toolbar support for IE11?

I have just installed version 4.02 of the Suite.
I am trying to use the toolbar with an XML file as the data source.
Using IE11, I am always getting this error message on line 9:
Error: Unable to get property ‘getElementsByTagName’ of undefined or null reference

I have searched in the forums, and it seems to me that this bug was fixed in late 2013.
Could somebody help me ?

BTW , I have tried with GET and POST : same results

Can’t reproduce locally
Could you provide us a direct link to the project or completed demo to inspect it? … leted_demo

here is my xml file ( validated by xmlspy) :

<?xml version="1.0"?> <toolbar> <item id="mm-Versions" type="buttonSelect" img="Versions.gif" imgdis="Versions_dis.gif" text="Versions"> <item type="button" id="mm-1" text="text1"/> <item type="button" id="mm-2" text="text2"/> <item type="button" id="mm-3" text="text3"/> </item> </toolbar>and here is my html code :


onLoadFunction = function(){ // data loaded and rendered // your code here alert('g'); }; window.dhx4.ajax.method = "get"; window.onload = function(e){ var myToolbar = new dhtmlXToolbarObject("mmenu"); myToolbar.loadStruct('menu.xml',onLoadFunction)}

We need exactly demo (demo includes js/css files you switch on the page) to test the work of whole sample. With local files it is fine.

Sorry, it was my mistake, but your answer helped me.
The xml file was served as text/html. Now I have changed the server configuration to serve it as xml/application, and it works fine.
Thanks a lot


You are welcome :slight_smile: