Toolbar "value" with JS variables

I have a function which returns a string from a function. This works well.
I then parse this string to return a new string which I can then output.

I want to display this as my title in the toolbar, however I cannot work out how to write the “value” in the toolbar_data.

table_last_update = getLastUpdate();
last_update_parsed = table_last_update.responseText.substring(table_last_update.responseText.indexOf(":")+2,table_last_update.responseText.indexOf(",")-1)

^ This part works fine

var toolbar_data = [{
id: “refresh”,
value: “Refresh Data”,
type: “button”
type: “separator”
type: “title”,
id: “last_update”,
value: “eval(“last_update_parsed”)”

  var toolbar = new dhx.Toolbar("toolbar", {
  	css: "dhx_widget--bordered dhx_widget--bg_gray"

^ This now errors out, and will not display anything. I can write text in the “value” section and this will display fine, but as soon as I use eval for the variable it fails.

Many thanks,

Am I meant to use something like


or something? The lack of replies on this forum is severely underwhelming. Shows a lack of commitment to a brand new product which doesn’t bode well.

Please, try to use:

type: 'title',
id: 'last_update',
value: eval("last_update_parsed")

I mean, without the external quotes.