Toolbar: what value of enabled attribute can enable the btn

I initialize the toolbar with xml like below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Any values like 1,“1”,true,“true”,0,“0”,false,“false” make the button disabled.
The button can be enabled when the “enabled” attribute is removed.

To set it enabled you just need to pass this parameter. You will be able to call disable() method later, when you need it

Hi Darya, thanks for your response.

I just want to initialize all the toolbar items using data fetched from database in the back page.

Calling disable() does the job, but it makes the front page having to query the database again whether this button should be enabled or disabled.

May be just paste some flag not to add “enabled” property, if it is enabled?
What version do you use? We will inspect this issue (but the main logic of properties is “not to add if you don’t need it”). BTW DHTMLX is more front-end framework than back-end

The version is 4.03.



unfortunately toolbar works this way, assuming enabled=‘false’ and inside it checks only if tag exists, not value. we can’t change this due back compatibility.