Toolbar z-index

How to change value of z-index: 105
scarp form xml <item id="new" type="buttonSelect" img="new.gif" imgdis="new_dis.gif" text="New" action="showNewDocumentSelect"> <item type="button" id="new_text" text="Text Document" img="text_document.gif" action="doOnNewDocument"/> <item type="button" id="new_excel" text="Stylesheet" img="stylesheet.gif" action="doOnNewDocument"/> <item type="button" id="new_db" text="Database" img="database.gif" action="doOnNewDocument"/> <item type="button" id="new_pp" text="Presentation" img="presentation.gif" action="doOnNewDocument"/> <item type="separator" id="new_s1"/> <item type="button" id="new_other" text="Other" img="other.gif" action="doOnNewDocument"/> </item>

Have window with z-index:10001


Please specify DHTMLX version?

Product Name: dhtmlxSuite
Version: 4.1.3


in 4.x z-index calculated automatically. please attach demo or send it to support at dhtmlx dot com

here example

menu z-index is 105
menu.7z (327 KB)


what is the reason for = "10001";


need for override lightbox of dhmtlxSchelure

add once

dhx4.zim.first = function() { return 10000; };

also you can assign correct z-index to viewport = dhx4.zim.reserve(dhx4.newId());


all working perfectly