Tooltip display has wrong z-index


I’m having trouble to display tooltips : sometimes the tooltip is positioned on the left on the pointer and unfortunately goes under the left grid part, I don’t know how you call that I’m very new to this API :slight_smile: !
I’ve provided an attached screenshot if you can help ?

FYI, I’ve already tried to override z-index with /deep/ selectors but the component just don’t care…

Thanks !!

Hello Jeremy,
Gantt consists of many div elements that are nested into one another. And the tooltip’s parent element is the timeline (gantt chart).
You can try the following snippet where the tooltip’s parent is redefined when you move the mouse so the tooltip is displayed over the grid:

If that doesn’t help you, please try to reproduce the issue in the snippet so that I can reproduce it locally and see how it can be fixed (as there are a lot of scenarios why the tooltip is displayed at the left side of the mouse). After it is reproduced in the snippet, click on the “Share” button and copy the link.

Hello Ramil,

thank you very much for your fast answer. I’ll try to implement that snippet in my code and keep you posted asap.