Tooltip Edit/Delete overlaps with event tooltip_text

How can you only have the icon hover information show when you hover over the icons.

ie Delete/Edit/Cancel…

I get both the icon hover information and the event tooltip information showing up

Even repositioning doesn’t work (as an alternate solution). Both tooltips move together and are still overlapped.

Any ideas?



tooltip event info:
var"%m/%d/%Y - %H:%i %A");
scheduler.templates.tooltip_text = function(start,end,event) {

 return '<b>Event:</b> ' + event.text                        
     + "<br><b>Start date:</b> "+ format(start)              
     + "<br/><b>End date:</b> "+format(end)                  

scheduler.config.delta_x = 10;
scheduler.config.delta_y = 60;

tooltip icon:

scheduler.config.icons_edit = [

scheduler.locale.labels.icon_details = “View/Edit event detail”;
scheduler.locale.labels.icon_edit = “Edit event type”;
scheduler.locale.labels.icon_cancel = “Back to calendar”;
scheduler.locale.labels.icon_save = “Save this event”;


please find attached a modded “dhtmlxscheduler_tooltip.js” file. In this version the tooltip doesn’t appear when you hover over event icons. I think we will include it in our next build. Thanks for the problem report! (2.03 KB)

Awesome. It fixed the issue. Works great now!



Hi Serge,

please consider the IE11 problem/fix discussed in viewtopic.php?f=6&t=33539 for the next release. Thanks!