tooltip event show/unshow ?

I have a question about tooltip text in the timeline view.

I have used the tooltip_text template to customize the content of the tooltip.
I would like now to change colours of some event when the tooltip is displayed and then return it to normal when the tooltip is removed from display.

I could do a part of the trick by doing it in the tooltip_text(I didn’t try it now but I think that the colours will stay even if the tooltip is not displyed anymore), but I was wondering if there was any access to the event of displaying the tooltip or when I leave the event and that the tooltip is disapearring.

Thanks in advance for your help

You can try to use onMouseMove event of scheduler
Tooltip extension uses it to call hide and show methods of tooltip.

scheduler.attachEvent("onMouseMove", function(event_id, e){ 
	var ev = e||window.event;
	var target =||ev.srcElement;

	if (event_id || dhtmlXTooltip.isTooltip(target)) { // if we are over event 
		// showing tooltip
	} else {
                // hide tooltip