Tooltip exception


My gantt bug because of tooltip …
When i click on the link to show my Gantt, i am already on a task and i think that the tooltip wants to show itself before the gantt was completely init (with all values). So when the tooltip tries to init itself, it tries to get the start date and the end date of the task i fly over.

My question is : can i cancel the display of the tooltip and activate the tooltip only after the parsing of my data in the Gantt?

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there is no config that disables a tooltip. However, you may try to define an empty template for a tooltip text, it should do it

gantt.templates.tooltip_text = function(){return "";};

Can you attach a demo or a code, so we could reproduce the exception locally?

Hello Aliaksandr,

I try to create an example of my bug with JSFiddle, but i have not been able to recreate the problem … maybe because my architecture is special (and it’s too complicated to share my code or recreate the problem in JSFiddle).

But i found why this bug append (i think) : i’ve my “parse function” which is called 3 times (i don’t know why … o_O). And each time, before parsing my results in this function, i clear all data! So if i have my pointer on a task, and just before the initialization of the tooltip, the gantt is cleared … the tooltip try to access to the task, but the task is no longer available … so there are a bug.

The two way to fix this issue are :

  • I don’t use the tooltip (and instead, i use QuickInfo extension)
  • I fix the bug directly into your code of the tooltip, by checking the task (if she is undefined or not) before to start the tooltip (if i can modify a small thing in your code?)

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PS : sorry for bad english