Tooltip for RadioButton


Is there a direct (or indirect) way to create a separate DHX Tooltip ‘message’ for each radioButton in a radioGroup? Thank you.


Unfortunately currently there is no possibility to define the tooltips for the form controls.
I’ve sent your request to the dev team, so the probable solution may appear in the future updates.


So could an addEventListener or similar work and if so could I then use your tooltip message? Thank you.


I would appreciate hearing from DHX about whether a Tooltip message can be used in conjunction with addEventListener (or similar) to allow a tooltip for a radioButton text. If so, sample code would be appreciated. Thank you.


radiobutton title have no any specific attributes that can be used to attach a custom event handler to it.


I am not familiar with a “title” property for a radiobutton. My question is specific to the “text” property (the text label of a radio button).


I’ve meant the radio button label element, or text defined in the “text” property of the radio button.