Tooltip in dhtmlxGrid

Hi, in a grid, there’s a field called AccountId, and I would like to show the account name when a user move the mouse to the account id. How can I do it.

I am using ajax to get json message, and use parse() method to load the data into the grid.
In server side, i use the following code to create the account id cell.

data.add("" + order.getAcctCode() + “” );

but the grid is still showing account id as the tooltip.

mygrid.attachEvent("onMouseOver", function(id,ind)
    if (ind == 0)
        this.cells(id,ind).cell.title = 'Hello world';

Thanks for replying, but I can’t simply attachEvent, if so, I have to ‘remember’ all account name values for each row, resulting in lots of code change. Now, I just format the data as an array of data in json, then calling mygrid.parse(mydata, “json”)