Tooltip in year mode not working


I have issue with tooltip in year mode.

For the first time when i load scheduler then it shows tooltip on mouseover and onclick of that tooltip it opens the window of event.

But after saving when i refresh it and try to load again, i lost event of onclick as well as of mousemove. this only happens in case of year view. it works on other tabs.

I saw some post for solution. it explains that you don’t required to init the scheduler again, we just have to do

I have also tried implementing,
scheduler.attachEvent(“onMouseMove”, function (event_id, native_event_object) {

this works in other tabs except year view.

In my case i have to re-init it. Is there any solution available for this?

when i refresh it and try to load again
Can you provide code which you are using for “refresh and load” ?
Normally, reloading data must not break scheduler ( calling scheduler.init second time - will break for sure )

Yes. I am using scheduler.init second time.

Can we do some workaround for the same??

Sorry, but there is only one solution - do not use scheduler.init second time.
If you need to reload data - clearAll and load will help
If you need some other result - please provide more details - most probably there is a way to do it without reiniting the scheduler.


I am loading data from server which falls between date range.
e.g. i am loading data from 01 Jan - 07 Jan. for Week mode i.e. depend on the mode of scheduler data will be loaded. All the data will not load at the same time

  1. I have customized view for saving, which i am calling on “showLightbox” function.
  2. On saving button of Light Box, I save data into 4 different tables on server side.
  3. After coming from server i refresh the scheduler with new set of data by calling init(date,mode) and then parse the data like :

for the second time before calling init() i have written below code,

if(scheduler.schdulerEventID != null)
scheduler.ev_oneventchanged = null;
//this was getting attached two times.

then i parse the data like i did in point 3, scheduler.parse(EventData,“json”);

I have tried by attaching event like “onMouseMove” to test it works or not, however it works fine in all the modes except “Year”.

scheduler.attachEvent(“onMouseMove”, function (event_id, native_event_object)
//any custom logic here
alert("event_id " + event_id);

Let me know if you want more details.


Sorry but it is still not clear, why do you need to reinit scheduler second time after event saving, it must be enough just to reload the data. Why you need to reinit scheduler ?