Tooltip not working for header and table content


I am using dhtmlxGantt v.5.2.0 Professional version of Gantt Chart. I am trying to add tooltip for Header and table content but could not achieve it. Please suggest how to add tooltip to header and table content part.
Also I am using vuejs for my development


Hi @manisha1!

This functionality has become available starting dhtmlxGantt 6.1:

So the first solution would be to update your gantt to the latest version.
After that, you’ll be able to attach the tooltip to any element by a css selector.
Here is a sample you can see how it can be implemented for grid and timeline headers, timeline area:

Here is a related article:

If updating is not possible for some reason, then you’ll have to implement tooltips you want manually.
You’ll either have to look for a third-party tooltip library or implement a tooltip from scratch.
You can check the source codes of our tooltip extension on github:

If nothing else helps, you can try to copy them and port to your version of gantt