tooltip on section label in timeline view

Is there a way to show a tooltip over the section content using the built in scheduler tooltip?

yes, it’s possible. Please check this example … oltip.html

That example doesn’t show any tooltip. Nor in the section, neither in the event.
Where is the trick?

should work on mouse hover, i.e. like this
If it not works for you - please provide some details. Does it happens in the demo on the site, or in your app? What browser do you use?

I’m opening the example link with IE 11 tooltip does not show.
If I open the example link in Chrome, tooltip shows fine.
Problem is that app I’m embedding the scheduler in only works on IE.
Is there any ms-related html property/tag I need to enable in the html?

I still couldn’t reproduce the issue on IE
What is a full version of IE and an OS you use?

The sample should work correctly in all recent versions of IE (edge mode).
Although, this example may show the issues if IE fallback to compatibility mode or in IE8 or older.
The updated sample is attached. It also should be fixed in the latest fix-release (you should receive an email if you have a subscription).
Does the issue happens there? (2.11 KB)