Tooltip over y_units?


I am looking for a way to add tool tips to the y_unit values in my Scheduler. I’m using timeline/tree view. I’ve tried various js/jquery plugins as well as some coding from scratch. Everything seems to have visible/positioning problems which I’m assuming is a conflict in the scheduler app somewhere.

Has anyone else tried to do this? I’m currently digging into the scheduler code to see if I can apply the event tooltip to the y_units somehow…



You need to make some changes in the source code of dhtmlxscheduler_tooltip.js extension.

You need to redefine functionality when ‘onMouseMove’ event fires. You can get the cursor position there and check when cursor is over the scale. If so - show the tooltip.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try and post back with results/questions

For anyone wondering how this turned out - I ended up using Bootstrap tooltip. There are some weird overlap issues (I’m assuming they are related to z-index), but overall it’s been a better option for what we need.