Tooltip to combo box

How can we add tooltip to all elements in a combo box. We are loading the data in combo box using xml.


There is no special property, but you can define tooltips through inline HTML

<![CDATA[ one ]]>


I’m curious, is this still the recommended way to get a tooltip in combo box or is there another way to do this that has arisen in the past few years?

The reason I ask is this works well, but I ran into one issue with this solution. Typing to select an option no longer works because the displayed value is no longer “one” but rather it is technically “<![CDATA[ one ]]>”. So typing “one” after clicking on the dropdown will now longer automatically select that option.

Is there a way to resolve this such that I can have a tooltip yet still preserve type-to-select functionality?

Thank you!

Hello, chei
There is no other way. But you can leave request for the next verstions here: