Tooltip with calendar

I wonder if there is a way of embedding mini-calendar in the tooltip.

I love the GRID idea of new scheduler - it comes a great asset to what I try to achieve. However I would love to have a tooltip kind of way of showing a location of an hovered event in the month calendar (mini-calendar) without the need of switching to month view.

So here are two questions:
Is this possible to embed calendar into tooltip?
If it is, is there a way to highlight an event in the minicalendar - so it would show the currently hovered event exact position in the month?

Great work with the new scheduler!

It is possible technically, but not trivial.

You can modify tooltip_text templates, so it will output div with some fixed ID in addition to the text. After that you can assign code to the onBeforeTooltip handler

scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeTooltip", function(start, end, ev){ window.setTimeout(function(){ var calendar = scheduler.renderCalendar({ container: "ID" }); scheduler.markCalendar(calendar, start); },1); });

where ID - id of div from tooltip_text template

As result you will have mini-calendar in tooltip