ToPDFRange with server side library

Hi here,
I’m a user of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET, and I start using the PDF extension.

ToPDF method works great, but the ToPDFRange method works only with your online service, not with server side library : with server side library ToPDFRange don’t send me any data, just a empty PDF file with no page. When I’m using online service with ToPDFRange, there is X days on the X axis, and again X days on the Y axis…

The data of my application are confidential, so I want only use the server side library, not your online service.

It’s like the server side library available to download on the website isn’t the last version, and the online service have some bug with ToPDFRange.

If I’m right, can you please provide me a download link to the last version, and I could try to fix the problem with the duplicate days on Y axis. If I’m wrong, can you please explain me the problem ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

check the latest version of pdf library, …

does it reproduces the issue?