total_count and smart rendering totally destroy grid

Hello everyone,

I have the problem that smartrendering somehow destroys my grid. I have imoplemented a lot of grids with smart rendering, but never had this problem.

As soon as I reload the grid it fills the whole grid up with data. For example: I have 20 records and smart rendering is set to 50, so it fills the fifty up. It takes the 20 records twice and appends the first 10 again: 20 + 20 + 10 = 50 then it stops. I set the total_count parameter down to the amount of data coming into the grid. But as soon as I filter now, it does the same again, it fills the grid to 20. it reloads and realods and sends multiple requests to the server till it reaches the total_count paramete.

I never had this problem before and I was searching for days now, I don’t get it why it happens, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Usuay the total_count parameter is way over the data shown in the grid. Sometimes I have way more than 200.000 records, and so is the total count. But the grid doesnt load all 200.000, it does it right. But here everyhting crashes like hell…

Could you clarify what filtering do you have in your grid?
Is it a built-in connector filter or some custom filter?