Total hours instead of hours /day on resource assignment

It seems that the framework’s resource assignment uses hours/day against a task. I have a need to be able to assign total hours for a resource to a task regardless of the start and stop date. For example - Task A lasts from Monday to Friday of this week. I have 3 resources on this task. Jon, Kim, Lou.

Jon is working 10 hours on this task total, but we are not sure what days he will work those hours. We do not want to the system to calculate 10 hours/day for the task. This is incorrect. We want the system to add 10 hours + Kim’s + Lou’s for the total load.

And for Jon’s load, all the tasks that he is assigned to for would total by the entry not the entry/day…

Any help would be awesome.

Hello Brian,
Gantt doesn’t calculate the resource load and doesn’t allocate resources. It only helps you to visualize it. You need to implement a custom solution by using the Gantt API and Javascript.
Our samples are only examples that can help you to start.

Right now, the resource value is assigned to the task object, but the part that displays the values is located in the resource grid columns configuration:

and in the following templates:

Here are the snippets for reference: