Total Number of Characters Allowed in a Cell

Grid v3.5.

I did some testing on a maximum numbers of characters allowed in a cell.

It appears that the maximum numbers of characters allowed in cell is around 3900, this includes any character, white space, the html tag and its attribute used.

When I embed some

in a cell, the text finally displayed was cut out. Because the total number of characters are subject to a limit (such as around 3900). This cause a problem when I tried to display larger text in a cell.

Is this limitation on purpose?
Due to technical difficulty?
Or else?

Is there any fix or work-around solution to this issue?



The dhtmlxgrid has no limit to the chars number in the cell. But there can be limit to the number of chars in the text area in the browser. Unfortunately this limit may be different for the various browsers. Firefox has the limit to the 4k chars.
The following topic with the fix may help you to solve the issue: