Touch causes display problems

I have added.


I am not at present using a ‘touch’ device but the screen display changes so it is not usable - for example on IE there are now no places for the days of the week and the title bar is messed up - - I have attached a screen shoot.

Any help appreciated.


That’s sample is named 10_ipad.html and it was really created to work only on iPad :slight_smile: And more specific - on webkit based browser. If you open that sample in Chrome everything will work correctly too.
It’s possible to edit CSS and JS files to add support for other latest browsers though.

Also we are developing DHTMLX Touch library which will include mobile version of scheduler (will be released this month I believe).

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Can you provide these edits.

I would like one page that is viewable/usable with IE/FF on a PC and Safari on the IPAD at a minimum.


Note that only IE9 will be able to display this page correctly.

In corresponding js and css files in every place where webkit is mentioned you need to add same declarations but with “-ms-”, “-moz-” (or “ms”, “moz” prefixes).

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Thanks I will give IE9 a go and let you know.

Do you have a copy of the scheduler_touch.js / touch.css with the ‘moz’ edits as I am not sure how to do some of the changes - thanks.

I have tried IE9 see attachment.

While the display is better. As you can see the cells for the ‘events’.

There are some other issues.

  1. The controls across the top are still messed up.

  2. There is no scrollbar to be able to see after 7:00 - in fact it looks like scheduler.config.scroll_hour = 9; is not working.

  3. I only seem to be able to add one event and then the page locks up.

Do I need to add any more “scheduler.attachEvent” ?

Can I just understand do I need to run two pages one for touch (with appropriate js/css files) and one for viewing from a PC ?
or is there anyway to have one page that selects the touch.js/touch.css only for ipad like devices ?

Reading your site again I have come across the following text.

How is this check done on the server side ?
(What is the best check to cover most touch devices)



No, as I said sample was created specially for iPad.

It seems you haven’t edited CSS completely.

On touch devices there is no scrollbar like in desktop browser. You simply need to scroll down on touch device. As far as I see such scroll won’t work on desktop and it will be tricky to get that functionality back.

It seems JS file was not modified completely.

That would be the best solution. You can check user-agent on the server side and send user correct version of scheduler - iPad or desktop.
iPad Detection Using JavaScript or PHP

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I was originally confused and did not understand that the touch.js / touch.css were only for touch devices.

I think this explains some of my questions.

I will give the server side selection a go and get back to you once done.

One question though - at present I have the following events handlers


which generate JSON to be sent to the server.

Will I need to add any more for a basic scheduler on a touch device ?


In terms of events touch version uses the same events so you should not need to change anything. Though note that long tap is calling onDblClick events.

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Does onDblClick get called for saving / deleting or changing events ?

At present I only use the events to convert to JSON to send to the server so I assume onDblClick does not need to be translated - would this be correct ?


For opening lightbox using long touch.


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