touch highlight color

When I touch the touch buttons/selections, is there any way to show or highlight the pressed button for a second before it fire the required action, so that I can know what has been touched?. For example, a hyperlink in a page or a button in groups of buttons.

If you are using dhtmlx touch buttons - they must change their styling on touch action, so you will see which one was activated.

If you mean custom html links and buttons - you can use :active css pseudo class to style them. ( this is normal html functionality, and not related to dhtmlx )

am using dhtmlx components only. I can able to see the touch action on the PC browser. But in Android mobile, I can’t see the highlighted button when I touch. I have tried the examples from the page too.


we tested locally on Android devices - buttons change their gradients. This is about demos like

Buttons on the demo as not dhtmlxTouch buttons, they’re just styled html inputs.