Touch Paid Support Expectations

Is there a description of what the paid support might be for the dhtmlx touch except that it is going to be ‘reasonable’?

I am trying to decide which way to go regarding mobile web dev: jquerymobile, sencha or dhtmlx. The application requirements make me incline toward sencha or dhtmlx which are more RIA than jquery.

What can I expect from the paid support?

Questions to the forum with timely answers?
Ability to open tickets for bugs that might be fixed in a timely manner?
Limitations in the number of support questions?

I cannot find clues from the existing support either.

Are you nearing to the first release in this quarter?

Thank you.

Paid support give the following:

  1. Access to ticket system (with no limitation in number of questions)
  2. Emails support
  3. Emergency bug fixes and access to hot-fixes builds
  4. Access to SVN

I do not mention free official updates during support period, as they will be free for all users of dhtmlx TOUCH library untill the library is distributed free of charge.

As to the price, we’ll keep it on the level of DHTMLX Suite support. Moreover, those who already own or will buy DHTMLX Suite licenses will get really significant discount on dhtmlx TOUCH support. Up to 100% for Enterprise license users.