Touch Support issues

Tried adding this to my controller:

scheduler.config.touch = “force”;

Visual Studio wont build the solution, stating that “force” string can’t be converted to bool

If I remove the " " then it says the name force doesn’t exist in the context and it won’t build a solution.

So I set it to true and it accepts and builds.

I open site on my iphone, still looks like full website version, not the touch version I see in your sample demo’s


can you clarify what kind of touch version do you expect?
Scheduler looks pretty much the same on all devices, what touch config does is enables support of touch input.
Calendar may look differently if you enable code and styles for mobile devices, as done here … blets.aspx , but it does not require any additional coding except that shown in the article


My misunderstanding. I saw that blog post and saw how the scheduler has a mobile look to it, I thought touch enable meant the scheduler would then have that look if it sensed it was being viewed on a mobile device.

So how do I achieve getting standard browser full version view and sensing of mobile devices to get a mobile view???

If you add js/css from that blog post and initialize them as described in “How To Use?” section of the article, that should do - scheduler won’t be changed on desktop browsers, and on mobiles it will look as shown on a screenshots … endar1.png - will get a responsive header, details form, and some other features.