touch / tablet devices again


once again, because at the last post according the topic tablet devices (ipad, android,…) it is said to use the mobile version.

Mobile Version is no solution for me and compatibility for touch devices is in my case absolutely needed.

But is there still a developement for the touch.js and touch.css
Or should the recent version work correctly and I’m to stupid to get it running.


We are preparing scheduler 3.5, which will have native support for tablet devices

was the promised native touch support added with version 3.5

i haven’t found any additional information in release notes.

Dear All,

does somebody uses the current version 2.5 with touch devices (ipad, android tablets,…)

I recently updates from 2.3 with dhtmlyscheduler_touch.js and *.css extension.
Now the scheduler will not open the lightbox any more!

I can add an attach event for onclick, this works (really bad, but it works) but as i already use the onclick method i should have the same behaviour as before:

long-touch (like dbl-click) shall open a new(editing) lightbox

Somebody 3.5 running with touch?
How can i get it running!

Unfortunately we was not able to include this functionality in version 3.5

Please PM me with details of functionality which need to be adjusted to make current scheduler more touch friendly.

My only problem is, i’m absolutely not able to create an event.
The only way i found out to open a lightbox is:

scheduler.attachEvent("onClick", function (event_id, native_event_object){ return scheduler.showLightbox(event_id); });

  • But i need the event onClick for a different function.
  • It’s only possible to open a lighbtox by clicking on a existing event. nothing happen when clicking in empty field.

You can use onEmptyClick event:

scheduler.attachEvent("onEmptyClick", function(date, native_event) { // custom code here });
It seems it is missing in the documentation, will be updated shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

thanks, this opens a lightbox but i still need the basic tablet compatibility.

i tried to include dhxscheduler_mobile.js and css from the mobile version: dhtmlxScheduler_mobile_v35_120626

is this legal? i read in a different post: functionality from dhtmlxscheduler_touch.js should be added into mobile package.

when including js before dhtmlxscheduler.js --> calender is show correctly and working on pc but limited on touch(event-crreation,…)
when including after htmlxscheduler.js --> calender is not even loaded on pc and touch.