traffic light for the events and events by owner

Good day,

I require your help to make a couple of things:

I am creating a schedule by which a supervisor creates events and employees are only see for the events that are responsible.

The other, it will be a traffic light for the events, according to whether the event is up, it put the red background color, if event is current the color is yellow and green future events.

For the assignment of event, I have placed at the base of a field event with the owner id.

I imagine the color assigned to the event, I should read the date and assign the appropriate style in css, but I can not see where is it read and loaded the data, or where I put this.

Thank you very much for your attention and help.

Version 3.0 supports simple coloring … appearance

So you just need to have color property in data json|xml

If you are using connector - you need to :

  • create color field in DB
  • include color in list of fields in the render_table command

Thanks very much!