Transfer Licence VIA Donation


I’m from Mexico, and I have a client who wants the DHTMLX Components, he wants that I buy the components in his behalf. The idea is to donate the components to him in order to keep the licence valid.

My client cannot buy any service via INTERNET, but he wants the components and he will use the DHTMLX components in his servers

Do you see any risk on this donation? or there is another solution to do this in order to keep the licence valid?



Gilberto, you can buy the DHTMLX license on behalf of your client. After the purchase you should contact us and provide the ref. number and contact details of your client: company name, contact name and email address. We’ll then update our records and register this license to your client.

Please note that the if your buy the DHTMLX license for your client, he/she will be the license holder and will receive the right to use the DHTMLX components. The usage rights belong to a license holder only and can’t be transferred to anyone else.