Treat marked time span same like Event


Hi i need to know if there is a way to make MARKED TIME SPAN act like event.
So i can make them by just clicking on calender and dragging / extending to some length and also i may get the time ranges and date after when i leave the mouse, So it will give me Date and Time ranges and then i will use them in addmarkedtimspan() to make real markedtimespan thingy.




Yes, you can get dates using getActionData() method that returns the current cursor-pointed date

Similar approach is used in the sample, please check


Hi thanks for the reply.

I still need to know how i can make markings work like events… So i can increase or decrease their height same like events… and how i can get is update info after make change into it.



Unfortunately such feature is not supported.


As @sematik mentioned, unfortunately there is no simple inbuilt way to implement it.
Could you please clarify why do you need to change height of marked timespans? Possibly I will be able to provide you with workaround.