Tree 0 closes all leafs when open=1

The goal is to have all related branches open when flagged including the main branch its self without flagging every branch to be open.
Here is a exammple to clearly see my point.

[code]<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>

		<item text="James Patterson" id="jp" >
			<item text="Ian Rankin" id="ir" open="1"></item>
		<item text="Nancy Atherton" id="na" ></item>
	<item text="History" id="history" >
		<item text="R. Lee Ermey" id="rle" ></item>
	<item text="Horror" id="horror">
		<item text="Dan Brown" id="db" >
			<item text="Digital Fortress" id="db_3" />
			<item text="The Da Vinci Code" id="db_4" open="1"/>
		<item text="Mary Janice Davidson" id="mjd" ></item>
[/code] Notice only the last item in each branch has the open statment. The above displays the following when page is refreshed. [img][/img]

once you manualy open the tree it displays

The above is perfect except for having to open the tree in the first place.
Now the exact same xml code above with the first item changed to open=1

<tree id="0">
	<item text="Books" id="books"  call="1" select="1" open="1">

displays everything closed

The goal is to get the tree to display important information within it without having to open each branch to see.
Any suggsetions?

Never mind, i found out this is the result of enabling ‘enableSmartXMLParsing’.
Disabled and the problem no longer occurs.