Tree and schedular

I have two frames.In one frame we have a dhtmlxtree and dhtmlxschedular on the other one.There is an iframe in the scheduler and I want that it will load the current state of the tree.
suppose if I check a node of the tree then the tree in that iframe of the dhtmlxschedular suppose to load the tree with the checked node.please help me.

Tree provides onCheck event: … nt_oncheck

When a tree item is checked, you may get all checked items: … allchecked

and reload the scheduler.


var scheduler = parent.document.getElementById(iframe_id).contentWindow.scheduler;


Thanks for your reply.But in my application there is two frame.In left side frame there is a tree,and right side there is a calender scheduler.I changed the scheduler.js that is


there are two different trees those behaves independently. You may set event handlers for both trees (onOpen, onCheck and other you need) and change the state of the tree when the state of the other one changed.