Tree appearance is something wrong

When I opened a node,the image of ajacent closed node was loosed back a space.
Please see the attached.
How can this be solved?

Are you use the latest tree version ? If you are, please send the sample where could reproduce the problem.

It’s from here … .html#code

We have not reproduced the problem locally neither in Chrome nor in IE9. In what browser are you testing the sample ?

Please download the latest package and check the issue there.

ok. I’v not tested locally.
Because I’m choosing which style suite for me.
I’ll download the latest version of tree and have a try.
My explore is a Chinese local software named 360, I think the core of it is MS IE.

Thank your for ur kind reply again!

I also encounter this question, it looks very ugly in IE8 including chinese words, but normal in FF5,the version of dthmlxtree I use is 2.0, so I download 3.0 and the problem gone.